Rotterdam Urban Gardens

As the most densely populated country of the European Union, and one of the mostly densely populated countries in the world, The Netherlands engages in the constant struggle to balance population requirements with the need for green urban spaces. Skip to Urban Garden photographs Green spaces and public parks not only benefit the emotional well-being of … Continue reading Rotterdam Urban Gardens


The Dutch influence in everyday English

Being a native English speaker, I grew up on a steady diet of American programming. Americanised words, names and terminology became as familiar to me as the English I heard around me every day. Being from Ireland, I already understood that English words could be vastly different from country to country, so adding American English … Continue reading The Dutch influence in everyday English

Killer Coke? – It’s The Real Thing

I look at the controversy surrounding Coca Cola’s activities in Colombian factories and take a look at the subsequent actions taken by organisations around the world, including many student unions in Ireland. Coca Cola has become the target of a major worldwide boycott due to the treatment of its workers in Colombia. Many top Irish … Continue reading Killer Coke? – It’s The Real Thing